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Faculty and Staff

QSI Dili's teaching faculty are experts in their fields, inspired educators, and forward thinkers.

The faculty at QSID is recruited internationally and represent some of the world's finest educators - all of whom are united in their commitment to education.  

QSID is committed to assuring our teachers work in an equitable, inclusive, and world class learning environment. Regardless of the role, all QSID employees are united in their passion to further student learning.

Administration and Support Team

Lisa Marie Sedlacek
Maria Fatima Bule Gani
Office Assistant
Florida Tahan Marques
Office Manager
School Driver

Fernanda Gusmao da Cunha     Administration Officer

Elementary & Early Childhood Education Classroom Teachers

Dave Kalberg
10&11yo Teacher
Evangeline Ines 
6yo Teacher
Nilfa Marques
Teacher Assistant/10-11yo and Music Teacher 3-4yo
Judith da Conceicao Guterres
Teacher Assistant/6yo
Jared Alan Moya
9yo Teacher
Nita Wandansari
5yo Teacher
Nensia Madeira Ku
Teacher Assistant/9yo
Dulce Kiki Lay Soares Pinto
Teacher Assistant/5yo
Danielle Napoli
8yo Teacher
Benedita da Costa
4yo Teacher
Ernestina Dias Quintas
Teacher Assistant/8yo
Silviana Anna Maria Pereira
Teacher Assistant/4yo
Kim Kalberg
7yo Teacher

Shine Cortes
3 yo Teacher

Kristina Sity     
Teacher Assistant/7yo
Otavia Lujider Da Silva    
Teacher Assistant/3yo

Middle & Secondary Classroom Teachers

Penny Corbett
Middle school Secondary Cultural Studies

William Edgerton
Middle & Secondary Math and Science Teacher
Thomas Napoli
Middle & Secondary
Literacy Teacher

Specialist Classroom Teachers

Debra Ilene Miller     
Occupational Therapist
Noemio Saldanha Fernandes   Music Teacher 5-11 yo
Ma Fe Quezon Lamanilao    
Librarian & Elementary Information Tech Teacher
Ijang Njong Ebai     
French, Earth and Physical Science Secondary
Fabiana Oliveira Dos Santos    
Art/Drama Teacher

Louis Marques = Library Assistant

Nice Carolina Freitas Guterres
School Counselor & Portuguese Teacher
Leoneto da Silva Ribeiro
Tetun /3-5 PE teacher
Joaninha Alves Guterres Pereira
Intensive English Teacher

Rui Sarmento
Physical Education