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Middle School

QSI Dili's elementary program is designed to nurture student’s curiosity and motivation in their learning while supporting the mastery learning approach in gaining content proficiency.  We strive to develop the whole child by engaging students in core subjects (reading, writing, mathematics, science and cultural studies) and special subjects (art, library, music, physical education, technology, and Languages Other than English). We invite you to learn more about the different age-level programs by clicking on the images below.

Middle School Curriculum

11 YO

First page of the PDF file: 08Learningasan11-year-old2023WEBOPTIMIZED1

12 YO

First page of the PDF file: 09Learningasa12-year-old2023WEBOPTIMIZED

13 YO

First page of the PDF file: 10Learningasa13-year-old2023WEBOPTIMIZED

As a Middle school teacher I am honored to do as Aristotle advised, "educate the heart and mind". Education is their passport to the future, QSI Dili allows for just that environment. 

- QSID Middle School Teacher

QSID Middle School - At a Glance

The middle school program at QSI Dili places students in active group learning environments that support the development of 21st Century Learning skills including collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving.