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Learning Support

Quality Schools International (QSI) is dedicated to providing a quality mastery-learning education to all who attend our schools. We expect that students, when provided with the proper environment and conditions, will be successful with our program. 

The QSI Curriculum is suited for students: 

  • With aptitude in the average to above average range with no discernible learning differences. 

  • Who possess diagnosed or un-diagnosed learning differences that have a mild to moderate effect in day-to-day classroom performance, but which can be mitigated by existing policies, procedures and resources set by QSI and/or the local school. 

As stated in the core beliefs: 

  • QSI believes that all students can experience success in their learning including higher order thinking skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. 

  • QSI believes that success breeds success. 

  • QSI believes that it is the school's responsibility to provide the conditions for success. 

Some students with identified special needs, however, may not be able to meet the requirements of our curriculum. It is therefore the purpose of our special needs policy to provide additional support with which our students can be provided with accommodations to their learning environments in order to be successful, and, when deemed necessary by the individual student’s needs, modifications to the curriculum. Through this policy and process, we will do our best to provide the full conditions for all students, including those with special needs, to be successful in the QSI environment.